Friday, February 10, 2012

Dream Home Arcades Help Make a Dream Come TRUE !!

OK  after many years dreaming of building my own MAME Arcade system and buying many arcade cabinets and supplies to build my own Multi Arcade System to play all the classics on one machine.. I finally ran across Dream Home Arcades that offered to build the ultimate system for my needs. So after many reviews and research I picked up the phone and ordered a custom pedestal system from David at Dream Home Arcades . and this blog is my review and steps I made to make a long Retro Dream Come TRUE !!

OK so I started the ball rolling early December 2011 and David told me it would take 6-8 weeks to have my system so I got to work on making the proper MansCave to house my Ultimate System.
I decided on the Pedestal version because I wanted to have a huge Screen/Monitor to enjoy all my classics on . I opted for the Wireless Guns Option to play all those fun Gun Games like Duck Hunt /Mad Dog Mcgee / House of the Dead to name a few .  They also custom make your Machine to your favorite Theme. I choose a Multi Vintage Classic Arcade Character theme ..  Dream Home Arcades offers  Stand-ups / Pedestal / Classic Cabinets / Cocktails and Bartop systems . Here is some expamples of what they offer .

These systems can the Hyperspin Frontend that makes accessing over  24,000 Classic games of my game library so its like Christmas morning every morning  ..  and for those of you that dont know what a MAME / Dream Home Arcade is ? Its a Home Arcade Gaming System that emulates has over 24000 of your games from most every Real Classic Vintage Arcade Game from Ms. Pacman to Tron .. and  Every Atari 2600,5200,7800  / Intellivision / Colecovision / Nintendo NES / SNES / Nintendo 64 / Virtual Boy / Gameboy / Atari Jaquar /  Sega Genesis / Sega CD / Sega Dreamcast / Sega game Gear / 3DO / Sony Playstation / Turbo Grafix / Neo Geo/ Tons of PC Games and lots more ..  Some of these you will have to add yourself but with this system its endless

This is what Hyperspin looks like AFTER you load it on your system

Here is a Link to what these Dream Arcade Machines have to offer and what the Menu System
( Hyperspin) looks like.

As you can see they are the Ultimate Gaming System !!

And you can add others not shown  .. like Magnavox Odyssey / Channel F Fairchild / Bally Astrocade /  and many more classic systems as well as  many classic Window games  Wolfenstein 3D /Quake / Halloween Harry etc..  with more new stuff added all the time  :)

Ok on to building the ManCave .. 

I decided to install a Vizio 47" 1080p Monitor because of the price and bang for the buck of under 540.00 from Costco. I also added a Couple Bottle Cap Custom Stools .

These are some Photo's of my Dream Arcade as its being built and before it takes it trip from Mosinee, WI. to it's Home in Westerville Ohio .. As of today 2/12/12 its on it way and should
arrive by 2/16/12..

The Dream Home Arcade gets Delivered  !!

R&L Carriers Delivered the System and Dream Home Arcades Packed ,Wrapped and secured the system nicely.. It arrived in Perfect Order.. I'm thinking  these State of the art Shock Indicating Devices did their job .. :)
Packed it to my ManCave Gameroom and started unpacking it :)

 Hooked it up and the Fun started.. designed me some cool decals for my stools and the Dream Home Arcade was Home at last .